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Camera Operator Main and II Unit | Trinity and Steadicam


About Me

I’ve been working in the industry for over 19 years now. I have worked hard and have made my way up through the  tradition ladder to my present role as an operator. I do indeed relish the true pleasure to have worked with some fantastic Cinematographers including Greig Fraser ASC ACS, Ben Davis BSC, Oliver Curtis BSC, Mike Eley BSC to name just a few and lucky enough to be meeting new inspiring minds everyday.


I like using the right tools for the job whether this might call for tracking vehicles, a crane, hand-held or even an iPhone! Arri Trinity steadicam system is my latest toy - I love the freedom and creativity that it allows.

My approach is to have a positive outlook on whatever is in front of me and give it my best shot. I relish collaborations, especially as no two people, stories or days are ever the same. 

The result is important but the journey is awesome...

IMG_5528Svetlana Miko Trinity sept2020_edited.jpg





Camera Operator

Specialising in Steadicam, Trinity, AR, handheld, crane, dolly work

Good with heights

Great with heights, vehicles, water, vxf, sensitive nature subjects


Native speaker of English, Russian, Romanian

Working level of Italian and French


Open minded outreach and approaches

Professional bodies


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